Thankful Thursday

Thankful Thursday: Giving

Divorce can knock you down and tear your life to pieces. But, you can pull yourself back together with one word: Giving.

You shift your biology when you give of yourself and practice generosity. It changes the neurochemistry in your brain and over time, with practice, you raise your happiness level. Google it if you don’t believe me and you will see how many scientific studies there are that correleate giving with being happier. 

I can only speak for myself and say that when I was the most lost, I was given a book: 29Gifts, by Cami Walker. Even though I am a giver by nature, I didn’t see how one month of giving could change my life. But, it did. Starting in January 2010, I would do little things..take in the neighbors garbage cans, leave food by friends doors, make cookies with Mina and walk around the neighborhood giving them out.  It changed my life and I haven’t stopped since. Giving gets us out of our own way and to think about others. By helping another person in what ever way that presents itself, you help yourself. 

Many might call it Karma..what you put out there, comes back around. I call it just being a good human. When you step up and out of your own problems, life isn’t all that bad and there is always something you can do to lift another’s spirits. You create connections with new people at the point in your life when you feel most alone. The oxytocin levels in your brain go up, you feel better, and your stress goes down. 

I know it’s hard when you feel like you are losing everything and I am asking you to give. I know in your head you must be saying: I am so empty, I have nothing left to give..I gave everything I had to the marriage and look what happened.

Give and you will see someone’s eyes light up in happy surprise.

Give and you will feel like a kid playing fun little surprises on people.

Give and feel the gratitude from someone who really needed the help.

Just give and soon, your heart will be full

Here’s my challenge to you: Can you give 1 thing away, each day for 29 days?

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