Level-Up University

You are divorcing your old life and wondering “What’s next for me and how do I get there?” 

Well, we have a class for that! Divorcee Cafe sees that there is a need to help you take that next step and go to the next level with your life. It’s time to Level Up You Life one class at a time!

Our little “Life University” will be held in the library, upstairs from Divorcee Cafe all day long while the cafe is open. Each class will be about 45 minutes long and will touch on different themes and topics about re-engaging with your life and creating a solid foundation to move forward. Space will be limited to about 20 people. 

Classes will be $20 each, $50 for 3 classes, and $75 for 5 classes

If you would like to teach a class, please reach out and let’s get it on the calendar: Elif: 801-674-7047