What is “Divorcee Cafe?”

Divorcée Cafe is located at the The Clubhouse. Baklava, Tea, and Turkish Coffee served all day, free of charge. Each month, from 9am~6 pm, we have a team of people who available for you.

This day is for you, the soon to be divorced or the recent divorcée figuring out his/her own way. The cafe will be open for people to come, gather and feel supported however they need. If you provide a service and want to part of Divorcee Cafe each month and “Hold Space” for those who need it, let me know.  In conjunction with Divorcee Cafe, our own Level Up University will be providing classes on the upper level for a moderate fee.

This is not a let’s gather and bitch about divorce cafe. It is about healing and moving on. Our intention is to create a place for support and help, brainstorming solutions for your crazy mixed up life in a positive way.

We have created a safe place for you to land, rest, and get the support you need to move your life forward in its most authentic way.

It’s time to heal from divorce in a (W)holistic way, treating the whole person, not just a few elements.

5 thoughts on “What is “Divorcee Cafe?”

    1. It is always the First wednesday of the month. Our next one is September 4 from 9 am to 6 pm at The Clubhouse in SLC 850 E South Temple

    1. it is to help with all stages of Divorce: getting advice on the acutal divorce, life after, healing, and moving on. There is also business advice, parenting support and lots of self care.

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