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Soulful Sunday: Take A Bath

When I was growing up, there was a commerical that would always come on in the afternoons, yep-the Calgon one. “Calgon, take me away!” was it’s motto and I have such a greater understanding for the benefits of a bath to sort of escape from the world…even just for a little bit.

These days there is so much more bombarding us on a daily basis that demand our immeidate attention for kids, work, friends, social media, and the list goes on and doesn’t ever seem to end. It is important that during these times inwhich you are pulled apart in many directions that you take a time-out and make yourself a bath.

Not only will it help calm you, but it will also trigger melatonin which will help you sleep better. A bath with Epsom salts will help draw some toxins out of the body as well nurture the skin. In order to reap the maximum benefits of the salts, your bath needs to be at least 20 minutes. In addition to salts, I like to pick some flowers from the garden which not only is visually calming, but the essences release in the warm water helping you to relax. 

It’s ok if you take time to take a bath. It’s ok to tell the kids you need some time for yourself. Here is a little recipe that  can be changed however you like depending on the flowers. Get creative, have some fun making something just for you, but most of all–relax! 

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