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Meet Our Team: Belki Tolman

 My name is Belki Tolman. My unofficial love affair with coaching began back in 1995 when I accepted an opportunity to volunteer at Victim Services back in my home town, New York City. After receiving some training I had the privilege to work with people who had experienced some sort of trauma. Here is where I discovered that I had a natural gift for this kind of work. Those I worked with made great progress and as a result I received an award that recognized me for my excellent work and service. This experience proved to be so rewarding for me that soon after I arrived in Utah in late 1996 I decided to take on another volunteer position at The Center for Women and Children in Crisis where I was an advocate and counselor for women who desired to get away from their abusive partners and gain skill for an independent and successful life free of limitations and fear. This was also a great and rewarding experience for me and here is where it all began for me.  

As someone with 1st hand experience in living life without self-esteem, self-worth and  self-value and then reclaiming it all back successfully, my passion and commitment now rests in helping others do the same. I wholeheartedly believe that a lack of self-love affects ALL areas of our lives and that it is imperative that we RECLAIM this birthright. It is my believe that we have ALWAYS had it and that somewhere along our lives we’ve misplaced it and/or forgotten our value. This is the source of all pain and fear. If your life is not what you want it to be, I am willing to bet that the reason is because some part of you believes that you are not worth it. I want to help YOU RECLAIM YOUR WORTH.

I am a wife, a mother of 6, a grandmother of 3 and we live in Utah. Today I am a Certified Fearless Living Life Coach and I am the founder of Reclaim You Today. I offer a variety of services to meet the needs of those who are ready to take their lives back including a FREE, ABSOLUTELY NO PREASSURE consultation.

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