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Why create a Divorcée Cafe?

Why? WHY? WHY?!

Divorce doesn’t go away once we sign papers ending a marriage. It is imprinting in our DNA, our children’s DNA, and forever in our lives after. If we want to get scientific, our divorce is imprinting epigenetic changes for our grandchildren. There is no aspect of our life from now on that will not be impacted positively or negatively from divorce. Anyone who knows me, knows that I am passionate about helping families heal after divorce so that the children can thrive, not just survive circumstances beyond their control. Now science is telling me that the residual emotions from my divorce will imprint on my grandchildren through Mina? Holy Sh!t!

It’s time to create a place for healing, guidance and love to help others move through this crappy life blip and move forward with knowledge and support. Divorce shouldn’t define you or your life if handled well. But, how do we find the right people to help? How will I pay for it? How can I plan for things I haven’t even thought to plan for?

Yeah, got your back on that one.

Divorcée cafe is about gathering people in the know to help you, for free. Yes, for free. I wanted to create a space for support that I would have wanted when I was going through divorce. It’s not a preoccupation on my divorce, but providing facilitators who can help you navigate the rough road ahead, help you with the unknown, and create a roadmap for your life after.

Last month, there were seven women facilitators ranging from financial, life coaching, international divorce, startup business, art therapy, and an energetic healer all helping one girl for 5 hours. Multiple pots of tea, tears, and hugs, she left there with a plan and a net of healers helping her heal her life…for free. If you have gone through divorce, how would you have felt if you had a network of support that could gather around you like a warm blanket, holding space for you?

It’s time to pay it forward and create a new divorce dynamic. Let’s create a movement of healing, not hoplessness. Divorce is just  a pivot point in your life changing your direction and redirecting you toward the life you were meant to live after the lessons were learned. Let’s gather together and help the newbies move through it easier than us.

If you want to be a part of Divorcee Cafe, let us know! We would love to have you come and hold space! Every first Wednesday of the month, all day long! If you need help, come for a cup of tea, a hug, and some support. We are here to help. Let us in and make your path a bit less bumpy.

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