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The Need to Believe

When I decided to file for divorce, Mina was 4. She had imaginary friends in her books she would talk to and dance with who gave her comfort during an uncertain time. Divorce is so hard on kids because it brings up the conversation about love and loss. “Mama, if you and my dad stopped loving each other, will you stop loving me?” Her  whole belief structure shifted and the foundation becomes shaky. She needed something to believe in again, she needed more magic in her life.

Our house now is filled with magic in every corner from talking dragons to fairies and gnomes. I hear her tell them her secrets and fears as she exchanges notes with them each night. She finds comfort knowing that a magical being is looking after her.

She came back a few weeks ago from her dad’s house with an Elf on the Shelf, distraught that she may had killed her elf. Apparently, no one believes in Christmas magic at her dad’s house, which is what keeps the Elf alive. It was then I realized how important magic is to her as she works through life after divorce and I vowed to keep it alive as long as I can. It’s what we do for our kids, right?

Today, I happened upon an article and a video called The Gnomist. A mom, facing divorce, builds gnome and fairy houses with her boys and create a magical forest near their home. She needed to create some magic with her kids to help them find a purpose and heal after divorce. I watched the video and started to cry. To watch the fairy forest visitor’s eyes fill with wonder and awe at the little houses was magical. Children and adults both need to believe in something they can’t see, like fairies. This mother’s love for her children after divorce not only created a magical place to heal for themselves, but also for others. Divorce doesn’t need to be a bad thing, but has the potential for goodness, grace,  and restoring belief in a magical world if you just take the time to look around.

We all need magic in our lives. So, go out and be a Gnomist! Spread some magic and smiles! Sprinkle that abundance around and your life will be filled with so much love.

Take some time and watch this lovely video called the Gnomist! Your life will never be the same. One woman made a difference in the lives of so many and so can you.

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