Divorcee Cafe

The conversation begins…

Yesterday was a big step. We opened the door to the conversation about Divorce as we recorded our first podcast for the Divorcee Cafe. It’s time to bring it out of the shadows and talk about it: the good, the bad, the ugly in order for us all to move on and heal.

It didn’t really hit us until after when we sat down to really allow the reality of what we are creating sink in. We are taking on a subject that is bigger than we are and know that it won’t be easy. On one hand, many will embrace the opportunity to share and learn, but others will be uncomfortable because it shines a light on the areas of their life they may not be ready to deal with yet.

As we say at my dining room table yesterday afternoon, we asked each other the same question: Are you ready for the fall out?

Bring it on, I said…12065709_10153720557258540_1900741103748129653_n

This is so much bigger than the two of us. This is the beginning of a new way to deal with divorce on so many levels that we didn’t realize when we first stepped in. Sort of intimidating, overwhelming, and exciting as we began to see how this concept could unfold.

The doors are swung open and there is no going back now. Let the conversations begin and be ready for this new adventure!

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