Divorcee Cafe

A Bit Taboo

Traveling the road of divorce contemplation was a scary one. In fact, it took a very long time for me to openly discuss my feelings with anyone. From where I stood, I believed even saying the word “divorce” was taboo. However, my perception of marriage and divorce was changing and the “D-word” needed to be addressed.  I was looking at myself through an outdated filter system, knowing I was evolving, but didn’t know how to relate to this unfamiliar reflection. crossroads

I wanted to explore new ideas. I wanted to feel safe and address new fears openly.

But in reality, I felt alone, stifled, and discouraged.  I didn’t know how to ask personal questions without feeling like I had to explain myself.  All I wanted was to have a safe conversation with someone who could listen without judgment and perhaps offer some direction as I considered taking a different route.

Elif and I have come together offer space for open discussion in a safe and supported manner.

The evening forum of the Divorcee Cafe offers an additional small group experience to honor the processing inherent in this personal expansion area. This circle offers a place to honor and give voice to the process of truth expansion.
REGISTRATION FOR GROUP: https://asiaraine.acuityscheduling.com/schedule.php?appointmentType=465859

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